How to Choose the Best CBD Oil

Not All CBD Oil is Made the Same

Posted on: February 20, 2019
Choosing the Best CBD Oil

CBD oil has been surging in popularity as of late, due to many studies showing the therapeutic benefits it can offer. CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemical compounds, that have shown to have health benefits when consumed on a daily basis. It has shown to help treat anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures, depression, gut-related issues, side effects from cancer treatments, and the list keeps growing. It’s no wonder that CBD has been popping up everywhere, from health stores, swap meets, and even gas stations in some places. With all the options out there, how do you choose the best CBD oil?

Know Where Your CBD Comes From

Choosing the best CBD oil starts with knowing where it comes from. Unfortunately, a lot of CBD oil being sold is imported from countries like China. If you head over to vendor sites like Ali Express and search for “CBD Oil for Sale” you’ll find many options pop up. These CBD oils are likely to be inexpensive, which can be tempting for people looking to find affordable CBD oil for sale, however, the quality of these products may very well be unknown. Most people shopping for CBD oil are trying to improve their health, so buying a cheap product from another country with different manufacturing practices might not be in their best interest. So first things first, find out where your hemp is grown and where your CBD oil is made to ensure the best quality.

Know What You’re Actually Getting

Not all CBD oil tinctures are the same. People shopping for CBD oil are often confused by vague advertising. For starters, many tinctures are labeled “Hemp Oil” or “Hemp Seed Oil” and it should be noted that these are NOT the same as CBD oil. Hemp oil or hemp seed oil also comes from the hemp plant, however, this type of oil is made from just the seeds. Hemp oils do have some positive health benefits and are often used for cosmetic purposes, but you’re not getting true CBD oil with either of these options. Some companies also label CBD oil as “Hemp Extract Oil” which can sometimes mean it’s CBD oil. Current regulation prevents the sale of CBD oil on big sites like Amazon or eBay, so many companies label their CBD oil products as “Hemp Oil Extract” so that they can fly under the radar and be sold under a different label. The best way to understand what you’re getting is to read the label. If it doesn’t list the amount per serving for CBD or Cannabidiol in the ingredients list, you’re likely just getting hemp seed oil.

Full Spectrum or THC Free

CBD oil can come in two different types: Full Spectrum CBD Oil or THC Free CBD Oil. Unfortunately, sometimes companies only label their products as “CBD Oil” and don’t tell the consumer which option they’re actually getting.

THC Free CBD oil is also known as CBD Isolate. This type of CBD oil means that the CBD has been extracted and isolated from the hemp plant by removing whole plant parts, leaving only Cannabidiol behind. This option gives you a refined product, with usually around 95%+ CBD content.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains whole plant parts. This means not only do you get CBD, but you also get other beneficial cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp plant as well. Several scientific studies suggest that when you consume multiple cannabinoids at once, they work together in a synergistic way to create what’s known as the Entourage Effect. This effect maximizes the therapeutic potentials of all cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Full spectrum oils do contain trace amounts of THC at around <0.3%, but with that low amount, it’s nearly impossible to get a high from full spectrum CBD oil products.

Find Out the Potency

The size of the CBD oil tincture doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of Cannabidiol that you’re getting per serving. A common mistake when shopping for the best CBD oil is to assume a smaller tincture is more potent, or a bigger tincture has more product that will last you longer. People often don’t realize that you could be getting the same amount of CBD per serving in a 15mL tincture as you would in a 60mL tincture. What you should be looking for is the milligrams per serving amount. A CBD oil serving is generally noted as “one full dropper” which equates to about 1mL. Check the label to find out the amount of CBD you’re getting per dropper or serving. This should be plainly listed somewhere either in the product description or on the actual tincture. The more CBD per serving, the more bang for your buck.

Find Out Which Carrier Oils Are Used

CBD oil is basically Cannabidiol blended with a carrier oil for easier consumption and optimal absorption. CBD is a fat soluble which means that it breaks down in fat as opposed to water. When ingested on its own, CBD gets metabolized, but when mixed with fatty acids in certain oils like coconut, it creates a binding agent that can be effectively absorbed into your system.

Most CBD oils are made with either fractionated coconut oil, hemp oil, or a blend of both. These oils are high in lipids and allow the body to better absorb CBD before it’s metabolized by the liver. Both fractionated coconut oil and hemp oil offer a boost of benefits, but for maximum body absorption, we recommend buying CBD oil made mostly with the coconut oil. Coconut oil offers a light and mild taste, while hemp oil adds a very strong earthy taste. We blend our CBD oil with both coconut oil and hemp seed oil for maximum absorption and a boost of healthy goodness.

Coconut Carrier Oil for CBD

3rd Party Testing

As mentioned in this article, it’s important to know where your CBD oil is coming from. It’s also important to know that your CBD oil is what it says it is, and that it’s free of contaminants and other harmful things. The best CBD oil companies will ensure that their products are 3rd party tested and post those test results somewhere on their website so that the information is readily available to those looking for it.

Choosing the Best CBD Oil

Choosing the best CBD oil can be a challenging task, especially to those new to the CBD oil industry. At Soulistic Remedies, trust is important to us. We understand that there are many brands available on the market which can be confusing. We believe that wellness should not come at a premium, and offer the best CBD oils made from USA grown hemp. All of our CBD Oils are 100% natural and made with healing in mind.

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